Welcome, to a site about live acts and performances across the Klang Valley, and maybe beyond. This blog has endured several false starts due to many factors, from lack of support to personal crisis, and never had a proper direction, until now.

Since I have decided to resist the temptation of letting this space go, I am finally comfortable to commit myself to this written blog project. Allow me to introduce my artful self.

It always started back in school, was it not? There I have the first taste of the stage; I recited poems, sang, danced, rapped, acted, etc. Later in my teens, I became a fixture singing at events for tips.

After I left school, I was a vocalist for Cantopop bands performing in Ipoh. I was also the drummer of a band that qualified for the finals of Guinness Canto Rock and as a vocalist, the finals of Tiger’s Karaoke Competition.

I even represented Malaysia for international competitions including Asia Bagus, before becoming a CDJ in several pubs in Perak.

In the years that follow, my involvement in live performances dwindled as I moved to Petaling Jaya and worked for Doraemon, while actively writing. I was universally known as an advocate for minorities with focus against the harmful reparative therapies.

At that period, I had a brief stint as an actress for a play at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre.

I am still performing songs on and off upon request, but am confined more to MC work, also having hosted some high profile weddings.

I was sparked into life again the past year when I took helm as the manager of Project N9, and contributed during FAME’s 7th charity, within the time I took an attempt at stand-up comedy.

Though the adult years may have taken away the best of my voice and other skills, it has never taken away my love and senses for the art of live performances, especially music.

It is my regret that due to life circumstances, I was not able to advance myself where I would want. However, the passion and energy I espouse are shared by today’s amazing talents, seniors and the young ones.

With them, my fire lives on. Hence, this website will be dedicated to them, and it is my pleasure to share their stories and legacies, as well as their performances, for you.

My name is Yuki Choe.



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