About Klang Valley Life!

This is a weblog about me hanging around the Klang Valley and sharing with you my memorable encounters.

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I hope to cover fair prices, great shops, exemplary customer relations, and a variety of trades and businesses.

It could be a car workshop, clubs and bars, etc. down to your neighbourhood smartphone vendor or burger stall.

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There will be previews and reviews, and will include performances and hopefully some hidden gems along the way.

I shall relate notable experiences living around this golden area as well.

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The objective of this weblog is simple; to make us aware and informed, while living healthy and happy up here.

If you wish me to highlight you or your business or anything nice, please let me know.

The contact is viviennechoe@gmail.com. My name is Vivienne “Yuki” Choe, and I love the Klang Valley.

Special thanks to Trevor Chan and Chris Rayan for sparing some funds to this weblog project.

This weblog is supported by The Lombok CRC, which provides Al-Fresco lifestyle accommodations in Lombok.


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